Ensure Home Safety & Integrity Before Summer Monsoons

Spring winds are blowing throughout the town, and before long, the summer monsoons will be upon us. Now is the right time to inspect stucco exteriors to safeguard your home against potential structural damage and costly repairs.

Most homes utilize stucco because of its durability and aesthetics. As it ages, it can become porous in nature, which means it can be susceptible to moisture infiltration, especially if there are any cracks or stucco that has broken off. During the winter months, water can penetrate cracks and cause them to expand with with New Mexico’s freezing and thawing cycles. An early inspection means you can help avoid pesky stucco leaks.

How to inspect your stucco:

  • Visual Assessment – look for cracks, chips or discoloration on the surface of the stucco. Pay particular attention around windows and doors where water penetration is more likely.
  • Probe for Soft Spots – Gently press the stucco and look for soft or spongy areas, which could mean underlying moisture damage.
  • Inspect Gutters and Canales – Make sure they are free of debris and effectively channel any water away from your home.

Stucco issues can lead to compromised structural integrity, deceased property value and potential mold infestations.