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Utilizing the top brand names in the industry, we can give you a standard product that is competitively priced for your budget and looks great, or we can provide a custom product that beautifully enhances the high-end aesthetic of your home or building.


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Synthetic stucco provides a more uniform color and texture. Your entire house and walls will look the same, and remain that way for a longer duration than traditional stucco. We feature STO brand products as they are developed to the highest level of architectural industry standards, and are waterproof. It is worth noting that once you have synthetic stucco, it is much more costly to return to a traditional system in the future.


For traditional styles, we use El Rey products. In some parts of town, traditional stucco is still required by the historic board. Due to it's nature, traditional stucco absorbs some water and shows rain streaks and color changes over time. However, thanks to advances in stucco technology, traditional stucco products can last almost as long as synthetic products with the proper maintenance.

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“I recently needed my roof repaired and my stucco redone. I wanted a company who is professional, excellent reputation and offer to do the job for a reasonable price. Santa Fe Stucco & Roofing met all the criteria. They did the job in a timely manner, were very clean and extremely professional. I got daily updates and was informed on every aspect of the work. I highly recommend Santa Fe Stucco and Roofing.”

Eddie Gutierrez

My wife and I used Santa Fe Stucco to repair the roof on our first house here in Santa Fe.
We recently moved and, based upon this earlier experience, we had no hesitation in asking Francis and his team to replace the roof and stucco on our new home. The result was everything we could have wished for, the team kept us informed of progress and worked diligently to deliver beyond expectations.


Santa Fe Stucco provided excellent service, from prompt and reasonably priced proposals through the initial walk-through, to the implementation and completion of each project.

We are a 73 unit luxury condominium complex and SFS&R has completed four major projects in the past three years. The quality of his work is unmatched by any other contractor with whom I have worked. My first call for bids on any project.

Scott Curtis


Rock Solid Service Guarantee

We offer the most robust warranty and guarantee in the industry. We offer a 15-year warranty for our process and materials for most roofing jobs, and a 10-year warranty for our process and materials for all stucco jobs.


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