Rock Solid Service Guarantee

An Unmatched Warranty

We offer the most robust warranty and guarantee in the industry, which places no limits on regular inspection, as well as preventative and responsive maintenance.

Our customer service process, like our warranties, is unmatched in the industry. We promise you will love the way we work. Our customer service process is based around you and communicating with you the way we would want to be communicated with.

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Our Customers Are Our Passion

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Our Four-Step Process

Step One

Get an Estimate

The Rock Solid Service begins with our inspection and estimation commencing in a timely fashion, usually within 24 hours of the initial call. Once the proposal is accepted and the job scheduled, we set up a meeting with your project manager to review the scope of work and timeline.

Step Two

Schedule a Meeting

Next is the pre-construction meeting with your project manager to review all details including:

  • Project logistics such as crew parking, equipment placement, etc. We believe the homeowner should have the final say when it comes to how we will be using their space during any project.
  • A walk through of the house and where the project will begin.
  • A step-by-step outline of the entire job. Since our team does this every day, we want our clients to be as well-informed as we are, empowering them by providing them enough in-depth information to understand the proposed scope of work and be able to ask the right questions about their project.

Step Three

Stay Updated

While the project is in process, you will receive a daily email report from your project manager that includes:

  • What was included that day
  • How many people were on the job
  • Percentage completion
  • Work plan for the next day

Step Four

Project Completion

Once the project is completed, there will be another walk through with your project manager and your project management team. They will review the project, ensuring that the work and the clean-up of your property was completed to your standards and ours.

After the walk through, the Quality Assurance staff member will be your contact going forward. That team member will check in with you and inspect our work at three months, six months and and twelve months after project completion to ensure that your new building envelope system is performing as intended. If there are any issues, we will personally work with you to fix them. After that, and for the duration of your warranty, we will come out to inspect your roofing or stucco solution as often as you would like to ensure its longevity. Preventative or responsive maintenance will be recommended and performed as needed at no extra charge.

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